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I manage many speaking opportunities on behalf of SES Government Solutions. On a day-to-day basis, I manage over 50 events per year including large-scale exhibitions and VIP events. As a result of these events, I have also been heavily involved in press engagements. SES GS mentions in the news can be found here on the corporate site. As Marketing Director at SES Government Solutions I have published over 25 press releases available here.​




Featured Client:

SES Government Solutions

2017 C4ISR Panel Sponsorship

May 03, 2017

Project Manager for C4ISR Panel Sponsorship which resulted in over 300 leads.

Moving Ahead on Satcom: Powering Comms at the Tactical Edge

Without satellite communications, it’s tough – maybe impossible – to get any messages across the tactical transom. As the demand signal increases for satcom to power ever-growing connectivity needs, the military is evaluating the best ways, including collaboration across the services and commercial satcom, to meet that demand and keep missions on track.

  • Moderator: Amber Corrin, Editor, C4ISRNET

  • Col. George Nagy, Chief, Space Support to Operations Division, Deputy USecAF(Space), Principal, DoD Space Advisor Staff

  • Col. Charles Stein, Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems, U.S. Army

  • Mr. Eron Miller, Chief, Services Division COMSATCOM Center at Defense Information Systems Agency

  • Mr. Tim Deaver, Corporate Vice President, Development, SES Government Solutions

2017 Space Symposium Booth Debut

April 03, 2017

Served as Project Manager of new booth design. The state-of-the-art structure was revealed at the 2017 Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each day of the conference SES GS hosted a Hosted Payload Showcase, highlighting its latest space capabilities.

2017 Space and Satellite in the New Administration

January 01, 2020

Project Manager for an event sponsored by SES Government Solutions which had over 200 attendees.


Defense One‘s Tech Editor Patrick Tucker explored next-generation satellite systems, technological advancements, and emerging technologies; whether the time is right for increased commercial partnerships; the government’s increased focus on space as a battlefield; and more Wednesday, March 8, in Washington. 


John Hill, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense
Todd Harrison, analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 

2017 Future War & US Navy Panel

February 22, 2018

Served as Project Manager for Event sponsored by SES Government Solutions entitled, "Future War & US Navy." Defense One Editor Bradley Peninson interviewed RADM Nancy A. Norton as part of the special event. The target audience included AFCEA West government maritime conference attendees and garnered over 190 registrants.

2016 C4ISRNET SATCOM Breakfast Panel

April 27, 2016

Served as Project Manager for event sponsored by SES Government Solutions entitled, “Assured Communications 2016.” The morning conference brought together senior military decision-makers – such as Winston Beauchamp, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force for Space, Dr. Jeremy Palmer, the Project Manager for DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, and Eron J. Miller, the Chief of DISA’s SATCOM Division – with industry experts to discuss challenges confronting our  military in space.  

2016 Government Affairs Breakfast at Space Symposium

April 13, 2016

​​Pete Hoene introduced Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) at the annual Government Affairs Breakfast during Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. Served as Project Manager for the sponsorship which resulted in over 200 attendees.

2015 WSBR Executive Leaders Roundtable

December 15, 2015

Managed Speaking slot placement for an event that took place on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 the Washington Space Business Roundtable hosted a luncheon and panel discussion entitled, “DoD’s Pivot to Commercial SATCOM.” This panel brought together senior military decision makers with industry experts to discuss a major trend in SATCOM – a move away from government-owned and operated satellites to an environment where the federal government and military leases more bandwidth from the commercial satellite industry.

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